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Dear Interested and Affected Party


GIBB (Pty) Ltd would like to thank all Interested and Affected Parties for their participation in the Public Participation and Commenting Period for the above mentioned project.


Please note that the Final Environmental Impact Report has been submitted to the Department of Mineral Resources for their review and decision-making.


The Final Environmental Impact Report is available on the GIBB website at the following link:    


If you have any further comments on the Final EIR, please submit them directly to the Department of Mineral Resources:


Attention: Portia Seaba

Department of Mineral Resources (DMR)

Atterbury House, 9th Floor,

Cnr. Lower Burg & Riebeeck Street,





Please also copy GIBB in on all comments submitted to the DMR:

GIBB Public Participation Office


Tel:      (012) 471 8912

Post:    P O Box 35007, Menlo Park, Pretoria, 0102

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Collection-Gif10277Collection1True{defaultview}FalseAppendix H_EMPr015102992/15/2019 12:29:21 PM
File-Zip-Gif10206File.Zip2019\02\file_20190215_122710_OPANqL_0.zip0True{defaultview}FalseJ37235_PPC Riebeeck_Final EIR_V4_2019.02.0401918921162/15/2019 12:27:10 PM
File-Adobe-Acrobat-Gif10207File.Adobe.Acrobat2019\02\file_20190215_122854_bSy_0.pdf0True{defaultview}FalseJ37235_PPC Riebeeck_Final EIR_V4_2019.02.040136082562/15/2019 12:28:54 PM