Electricity Generation Project

Exxaro On-Site (Pty) Ltd  proposes to install four (4) internal combustion engines  to generate electricity from methane that is otherwise discharged from the Beatrix Mine as a by product of its underground mining operations.

Arcus GIBB (Pty) Ltd has been appointed to undertake the EMP Amendment and Public Participation Process (PPP) for the proposed construction of the Cogeneration Plant. The size of the proposed development is 70m x 70m (4900m2). The Cogeneration Plant does not require environmental authorisation in terms of the National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998) as its capacity is under 10MW.

The proposed project will use methane gas, otherwise discharged from Beatrix Mine as a by-product of their underground mining operations, to generate electricity. Methane occurs naturally underground at Beatrix Mine and is regarded as a safety risk for the mine due to the potential for explosions. Methane will be pumped out of the mine’s Main Shaft and will fuel combustion engines to produce electricity, which will be used on the mine.

The proposed cogeneration plant will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the energy efficiency of the mine, since some of the methane gas that was previously emitted into the atmosphere will be harnessed to generate electricity. Furthermore, it will reduce the site’s reliance on Eskom power, which is mainly generated at coal-fired power stations. This, in turn, will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Exxaro On-Site (Pty) Ltd is in the process of registering the project as a carbon credit project to offset the cost associated with using the methane to generate electricity.

In order to ensure that you are kept up to date with the project, please ensure that you register as an Interested & Affected Party (I&AP) with Arcus GIBB by using the following contact details:

Arcus GIBB (Pty) Ltd.
P O Box 2700, Rivonia, 2128
Fax: (011) 807 5670
Tel: (011) 519 4600

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