The proposed project involves the development housing and infrastructure in Cenyu village, Stutterheim.

Cenyu Village consists of an area of approximately 29.8 ha existing housing, which is subject to in situ upgrade through improvement of services; and approximately 21.7 ha of undeveloped land, which will be utilized for the construction of further houses, roads and water services.

Figure 1: Locality of the proposed development.


The National Environmental Management Act (Act 107 of 1998) Section 24(5) stipulates that “listed activities” require environmental authorization. The following activity is applicable to the proposed project, as listed in Government Notice R545, Listing Notice 2 Activity nr. 15 and requires an Environmental authorisation in terms of an Environmental Impact Assessment:

Physical alteration of undeveloped, vacant or derelict land for residential, retail, commercial, recreational, industrial or institutional use where the total area to be transformed is 20 hectares or more; except where such physical alteration takes place for:

(i) linear development activities; or

(ii) agriculture or afforestation where activity 16 in this Schedule will apply.

As part of the public participation, you are hereby invited to comment on the Draft Scoping Report. Should you wish to express your views regarding this proposed development, please send us your written comments. The names of all registered I&APs, together with the comments received will be incorporated into the Environmental Impact Assessment application and will be submitted to DEA.


Please submit your name, contact information (address, telephone number, e-mail address, postal address) and written comments to the contact person below.



Pat Jennings                

Arcus GIBB, P.O. Box 19844, Tecoma, 5214

Tel: (043) 706 3600; Fax: (086) 608 9201




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