Dube TradePort proposes to construct a new 3.5 kilometres (km) long road to link the TradeZone at the Dube TradePort to the Watson Highway (recently renamed Ushukela Drive). The study area is located just north of the Dube TradePort and is approximately 34 km north of the Durban CBD, KwaZulu-Natal and falls within the jurisdiction of eThekwini Municipality.
The proposed project is intended to allow for northern access to the DTP via a road adjacent to the paved access road to the Herrwood Estate (610133 Street) off the Watson Highway. The proposed link road will also serve as an arterial road for developments planned for the surrounding land and will accommodate two lanes of traffic in both directions, with a road reserve approximately 54m wide. The DTP and its encompassed King Shaka International Airport (KSIA) are expected to generate high volumes of traffic during operation. While access to the KSIA is currently available from the N2 and R102, the need for additional access to the DTP and associated KSIA has been identified by the proponent. This project will thus provide the additional access required from the Watson Highway. The link road will provide access for heavy vehicles to and from the TradeZone, supporting the industrial and commercial activities.
In order to obtain Environmental Authorisation to undertake the construction, DTP is required to undertake an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and conduct a Scoping and Environmental Impact Report (S&EIR) process and compile an Environmental Management Programme (EMPr) in terms of the National Environmental Management Act (Act No. 107 of 1998) (NEMA) EIA Regulations. The application and Reports must be submitted to the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) for authorisation. Arcus GIBB (Pty) Ltd, an independent company, was appointed by DTP to undertake the EIA for the proposed Trade Zone to Watson Highway Link Road project.


The Final Environmental Impact Assessment (Final EIR) has been submitted to the DEA for review and assessment. As part of the public participation process, the Final EIR is also made available to interested & affected parties (I&APs) for review at the the following venues:
  • Tongaat Central Library, 1 Victoria Road, Tongaat
  • Arcus GIBB office (Durban)

The Final EIR can also be downloaded from this website (files below).

No comment period is prescribed but I&APs wishing to comment must make their submissions directly to the DEA Case Officer at the details below:

Name:    Ms Sandile Vilakazi
Title:    Assistant Manager: Impact Assessment
Postal Address:    Department of Environment Affairs
Private Bag X 447
Tel:    012 310 3891
Fax:    012 320 7539

 Documents available for download
J30188 - Trade Zone to Watson Highway Final EIR1.15 MBDownload
Appendix A - Project Team CVs119.55 KBDownload
Appendix B1 - Specialist Ecological Scan & Wetland Assessment2.64 MBDownload
Appendix B2 - Specialist Heritage Impact Assessment Report620.62 KBDownload
Appendix C1 - INR Ecological & Wetland Assessment2.52 MBDownload
Appendix C1 - INR Terrestrial Ecological and Wetland Assessment2.52 MBDownload
Appendix C2 - DTP uShukela Highway Traffic Impact Assessment2.48 MBDownload
Appendix D1 - Interested and Affected Parties Register10.16 KBDownload
Appendix D2 - Media Notices30.95 KBDownload
Appendix D4 - Authorities Communications410.25 KBDownload
Appendix D3 - Background Information Document399.17 KBDownload
Appendix D4 - DEA Scoping Report Acceptance69.03 KBDownload
Appendix D5 - IAPs Communications707.64 KBDownload
Appendix D6 - Public meeting minutes41.81 KBDownload
Appendix D7 - Public meeting attendance register181.54 KBDownload
Appendix D8 - DOT - Comments on DEIR65.02 KBDownload
Appendix D8 - eThekwini Municipality - Comments on DEIR142.13 KBDownload
Appendix D8 - eThekwini Municipality - Revised Comments on DEIR - post95.50 KBDownload
Appendix D8 - Tongaat Business Forum - Comments on DEIR64.79 KBDownload
Appendix D8 - WESSA-Comments on DEIR199.53 KBDownload
Appendix D9 - DTP - Letter to DEA in response to eThekwini Municipality comment160.78 KBDownload
Appendix E - Issues and Concerns Register152.71 KBDownload
Appendix F - Draft EMPr1.79 MBDownload
Appendix G - Document Control Sheet67.83 KBDownload
Fig 01 - Site Locality Map219.77 KBDownload
Fig 02a - Link Road Horizontal Alignment1.31 MBDownload
Fig 02b - Link Road Horizontal Alignment Showing the location of ‘fill’ and ‘cut’ sites 504.89 KBDownload
Fig 03 - Proposed Cross Section Incorporating SUDS237.18 KBDownload
Fig 04&05 - Proposed Schematic Geometric Layout for the Link Road Intersection for 2010&1127.63 KBDownload
Fig 06&07 - Fragmented Vegetation300.04 KBDownload
Fig 08 - Evidence of Mammals & Fig 09 - PES for Wetlands165.77 KBDownload
Fig 10 - Habitats along Proposed Route with Flag Status208.75 KBDownload
Fig 11 - EIA Process Flow Diagram36.05 KBDownload
Fig 12 - Wetland Delineation for W3 - W10475.42 KBDownload
Fig 13 - Predicted Lost Wetlands179.82 KBDownload
Fig 14 - Recommended Rehabilitation at Site W691.19 KBDownload
Plates - PPP Notices174.52 KBDownload