Basic Assessment for the construction of 132kV distribution lines from Dieprivier to Kareedouw, Sarah Baartman District Municipality (formerly Cacadu District Municipality).


New 132 kV overhead transmission powerlines are proposed to strengthen and upgrade the grid supply in the Patensie, Humansdorp and Kareedouw area, Eastern Cape, in order to support the recent and planned growth and development in the area.


An upgrade of the existing electrical distribution network is therefore required to accommodate the new supply. This involves the construction of new 132 kV infrastructure, new substations as well as the decommissioning of certain facilities. The construction of new and upgrading of existing substations will further aid in strengthening of the local network.  The total length of the proposed powerlines amounts to approximately 90 km.


Amendment to the environmental authorisation for the Dieprivier - Kareedouw project were approved on 23 May 2017. A copy of the correspondence from Department of Environmental Affairs is available below. 

Melkhout to Dieprivier, Cacadu District

Melkhout to Patensie, Cacadu District

Dieprivier to Kareedouw, Cacadu District (this project)


 Amendment to environmental authorisation and environmental management programme
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Amendment to environmental authorisation and environmental managemnet programme  6/1/2017109.90 KBDownload
 Environmental Management Programme Amendment Application
 Final Basic Assessment
Final Basic Assessment ReportFinal Basic Assessment Report1.49 MBDownload
Appendix ASensitivity, site and route layout maps1.07 MBDownload
Appendix BPhotographs631.01 KBDownload
Appendix CAppendix C902.55 KBDownload
Appendix D1Avifauna Assessment Report1,002.71 KBDownload
Appendix D2Vegetation Assessment Report8.85 MBDownload
Appendix D3Heritage Assessment Report1.69 MBDownload
Appendix D4Wetland Assessment Report1.80 MBDownload
Appendix D5Archaeological Impact Report4.24 MBDownload
AppendixD6Palaeontological Impact Report6.78 MBDownload
Appendix E1.Response to ECPHRA196.70 KBDownload
Appendix EPPP & CRR15.60 MBDownload
Appendix FDetailed Impact Assessment560.13 KBDownload
Appendix GEMPr1,002.57 KBDownload
Appendix HAppendix H378.90 KBDownload
Appendix ISpecialists' declaration of interest688.90 KBDownload