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Eskom Nuclear Power Station

and Associated Infrastructure 




Proponent: Eskom Holdings

Environmental Assessment Practitioner: ARCUS GIBB (Pty) Ltd

Public Participation Consultant: ACER (Africa) (Pty) Ltd




 2 Adverts
 3 On Site Notices
On-Site Notice - May 2007129.67 KBDownload
 4 Schedule for Public Meetings
 7 Project Team
- Organogram
34.06 KBDownload
- CVs162.28 KBDownload
- ARCUS GIBB Company Profile487.32 KBDownload
- ARCUS GIBB Environmental Services Profile         247.03 KBDownload
- Organogram
43.39 KBDownload
- CVs380.30 KBDownload
- Organogram
38.36 KBDownload
Peer Reviewer's
- All declarations of independence (.zip)
1.07 MBDownload
- Allan Bailey90.79 KBDownload
- Arthur Chapman56.56 KBDownload
- Dave Blair106.78 KBDownload
- Dawid Jacobs67.01 KBDownload
- Donald Lush44.99 KBDownload
- Garry Paterson69.81 KBDownload
- George Branch96.28 KBDownload
- Greg Huggins46.17 KBDownload
- Hammon Bhana146.97 KBDownload
- Izak Rust215.06 KBDownload
- Jeff Lafortune64.40 KBDownload
- John Drummond126.75 KBDownload
- Roy Lubke140.16 KBDownload
- Shane Motlhaloga83.54 KBDownload
- Stef Naude99.86 KBDownload
Peer reviewer CV's
- All (.zip)
1.46 MBDownload
- Reviewer's Team7.85 KBDownload
- Allan Bailey21.47 KBDownload
- Arthur Chapman21.47 KBDownload
- Christine Colvin8.86 KBDownload
- Dave Blair48.48 KBDownload
- Dawid Jacobs15.81 KBDownload
- Donald Lush13.20 KBDownload
- Eddie Bosman21.20 KBDownload
- Francois Malherbe50.30 KBDownload
- Garry Paterson52.33 KBDownload
- George Branch253.83 KBDownload
- Greg Huggins32.29 KBDownload
- Izak Rust7.85 KBDownload
- Jeff Lafortune220.81 KBDownload
- Johan de Beer19.09 KBDownload
- John Drummond107.61 KBDownload
- John Parkington22.56 KBDownload
- Michael Holiday80.65 KBDownload
- Paul da Cruz44.60 KBDownload
- Peter Day273.46 KBDownload
- Randall Gross82.83 KBDownload
- Roy Lubke18.28 KBDownload
- Shane Motlhaloga40.12 KBDownload
- Stef Naude181.40 KBDownload
- Tim Partridge46.75 KBDownload
- Tony Williams68.67 KBDownload
 Notification of Revised PoS for EIA
Notification of Revised PoS for EIAEnglish110.51 KBDownload
Notification of Revised PoS for EIAAfrikaans154.39 KBDownload
 7B Project Team - Specialists
A JongensCV23.67 KBDownload
A JongensDeclaration of independence14.54 KBDownload
Alan CaveCV13.49 KBDownload
Alan CaveDeclaration of independence220.66 KBDownload
Alewyn DippenaarCV45.67 KBDownload
Alewyn DippenaarDeclaration of independence22.26 KBDownload
Andrew BulmanCV12.69 KBDownload
Andrew BulmanDeclaration of independence108.97 KBDownload
Andrew BulmanProfessional Registration920.50 KBDownload
Anthony Marc YunnieCV12.85 KBDownload
Anthony Marc YunnieDeclaration of independence37.62 KBDownload
Charles GriffithsCV5.29 KBDownload
Charles GriffithsDeclaration of independence81.63 KBDownload
David ScottDeclaration of independence300.03 KBDownload
Deshika KathawarooCV30.88 KBDownload
Deshika KathawarooDeclaration of independence89.77 KBDownload
Gavin MaasdorpCV13.48 KBDownload
Gavin MaasdorpDeclaration of independence38.70 KBDownload
Jaana BallCV70.89 KBDownload
Jaana BallDeclaration of independence88.07 KBDownload
James HarrisonCV109.05 KBDownload
Julian WarbreckDeclaration of Independence91.36 KBDownload
Karin NeethlingCV14.27 KBDownload
Karin NeethlingDeclaration of Independence93.52 KBDownload
Liz DayCV12.00 KBDownload
Liz DayDeclaration of independence67.30 KBDownload
Liz DayProfessional Registration284.51 KBDownload
Lucian BurgerCV52.28 KBDownload
Lucian BurgerDeclaration of independence36.58 KBDownload
Nuran NordienCV18.10 KBDownload
Nuran NordienDeclaration of independence120.06 KBDownload
Nuran NordienProfessional Registration107.07 KBDownload
Penny CookeDeclaration of Independence95.30 KBDownload
Peter HawkesCV41.49 KBDownload
Peter HawkesDeclaration of independence387.92 KBDownload
Peter HawkesProfessional Registration245.99 KBDownload
Peter RosewarneCV856.13 KBDownload
Peter RosewarneDeclaration of independence113.77 KBDownload
Peter RosewarneProfessional Registration184.07 KBDownload
Reuben HeydenrychCV53.45 KBDownload
Reuben HeydenrychDeclaration of independence209.89 KBDownload
Rhys GiljamCV88.03 KBDownload
Rhys GiljamDeclaration of independence27.49 KBDownload
Tim HartDeclaration of independence13.39 KBDownload
Tim HartProfessional Registration140.27 KBDownload
Yusry FrizlarCV17.81 KBDownload
Yusry FrizlarDeclaration of independence124.29 KBDownload
Yusry FrizlarProfessional Registration467.36 KBDownload
Willie van ZylDeclaration of Independence220.66 KBDownload
 9 Environmental Impact Report Phase
  10 Environmental Authorisation
 11 Environmental Management Plan
 Transmission Reports
Transmission ReportComparison between Thyspunt, Bantamsklip and Koeberg sites 266.51 KBDownload
Transmission Report - SignedComparison between Thyspunt, Bantamsklip and Koeberg sites 810.75 KBDownload
 Focus Group Meeting Minutes
 Final plan of study for EIA
Final plan of study for EIA 234.61 KBDownload
Final plan of study - Appendix 1DEAT approval of FSR737.64 KBDownload
Final plan of study - Appendix 2DG on nuclear safety516.73 KBDownload
Appendix 3 - Responses
Amanda and Charl Laubscher
 152.97 KBDownload
Cape Agulhas Tourism Bureau 112.12 KBDownload
Cape Nature 168.42 KBDownload
Christine T Garbett 105.69 KBDownload
CoCT 516.73 KBDownload
CoCT 2 58.06 KBDownload
DA Buggs 112.02 KBDownload
FLOE 123.95 KBDownload
Flower Valley Conservation Trust 106.64 KBDownload
Ingela Richardson 107.09 KBDownload
Kleynkloof Private Nature Reserve 92.99 KBDownload
Maria and Graham Griffiths 111.25 KBDownload
Ninette Potgieter 182.81 KBDownload
OCF 116.03 KBDownload
PWG 1.19 MBDownload
Rod Gurzynski 137.92 KBDownload
SEA 89.74 KBDownload
St Francis Bay RA 114.79 KBDownload
St Francis Kromme Trust 118.36 KBDownload
STCA 648.76 KBDownload
TAG 1 516.73 KBDownload
TAG 2 678.38 KBDownload
Appendix 3 - Submissions
Amanda and Charl Laubscher
 44.50 KBDownload
Amanda and Charl Laubscher 231.24 KBDownload
Amanda and Charl Laubscher 24.29 KBDownload
Amanda and Charl Laubscher 42.68 KBDownload
Amanda and Charl Laubscher 52.94 KBDownload
Amanda and Charl Laubscher 5.79 KBDownload
Amanda and Charl Laubscher 4.93 KBDownload
Amanda and Charl Laubscher 30.21 KBDownload
Amanda and Charl Laubscher 29.69 KBDownload
Amanda and Charl Laubscher 29.07 KBDownload
Cape Agulhas Tourism Bureau 66.94 KBDownload
Cape Nature 107.96 KBDownload
Cape Nature 76.21 KBDownload
Categorised Submissions -Vol 14, 17, 19 20.33 KBDownload
Categorised Submissions -Vol 14, 17, 19 228.14 KBDownload
Christine T Garbett 16.02 KBDownload
Christine T Garbett 31.29 KBDownload
CoCT 45.74 KBDownload
DA Buggs 30.18 KBDownload
FLOE 62.58 KBDownload
FLOE 100.11 KBDownload
Flower Valley Conservation Trust 21.34 KBDownload
Ingela Richardson 112.78 KBDownload
Ingela Richardson 62.33 KBDownload
Kleynkloof Private Nature Reserve 7.57 KBDownload
Maria and Graham Griffiths 32.34 KBDownload
Ninette Potgieter 24.63 KBDownload
OCF 106.35 KBDownload
OCF 124.16 KBDownload
PWG 15.06 KBDownload
PWG 378.15 KBDownload
PWG 91.18 KBDownload
PWG 71.82 KBDownload
PWG 20.55 KBDownload
PWG 48.14 KBDownload
PWG 18.03 KBDownload
PWG 19.25 KBDownload
PWG 33.82 KBDownload
PWG 51.45 KBDownload
PWG 26.13 KBDownload
PWG 26.86 KBDownload
PWG 30.04 KBDownload
PWG 46.69 KBDownload
PWG 5.09 KBDownload
PWG 159.93 KBDownload
PWG 17.89 KBDownload
Rod Gurzynski 28.23 KBDownload
SEA 27.12 KBDownload
SEA 32.43 KBDownload
St Francis Bay RA 20.36 KBDownload
St Francis Kromme Trust 100.21 KBDownload
STCA 122.71 KBDownload
STCA 122.71 KBDownload
TAG 203.67 KBDownload
TAG 200.39 KBDownload
TAG 689.93 KBDownload
TAG 85.41 KBDownload
TAG 61.39 KBDownload
TAG 164.98 KBDownload