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 Tippler Basic Assessment

Provision of a Third Tippler and Associated Infrastructure at the Port of Saldanha

Transnet SOC Ltd proposes to expand the iron ore tippler facility in the Port of Saldanha. The proposed project entails the provision of a third tippler and associated infrastructure to ensure that current export volumes of 60 million tons per year are sustained during refurbishment of existing tipplers. 

The need for a Basic Assessment is triggered by GN R544 Listing Notice 1: 10, 22, 23, 28; and GN R 546 Listing Notice 3: 4, 12, 13, 19. The listed activities require environmental authorisation from the national Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA Reference Number 14/12/16/3/3/1/895. GIBB (Pty) Ltd has been appointed as the Independent Environmental Assessment Practitioners to undertake the Basic Assessment Process, as well as the associated Public Participation Process for the project.

Opportunity to register as an Interested and Affected Party

The public is afforded a twenty-one (21) day period from 27 September 2013 to 17 October 2013 (inclusive) to register and submit comments on the Final Basic Assessment Report.

Background Information Document (BID)

GIBB has prepared a BID providing additional information on the development project. The BID can be downloaded from this web page (below) or be requested from:

GIBB Public Participation Office

Transnet Iron Ore Tippler 3

PO Box 3965, Cape Town, 8000

Tel: +27 21 469 9100 (Mon – Fri 09h00 – 16h00)

Fax: 086 242 0278

Email: orextippler@gibb.co.za

 Background Information Document (BID)
 Tippler 3 Draft Basic Assessment Report
 TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
Draft Basic Assessment Report 7/19/20131.85 MBDownload
Appendix A1 New road-over-rail bridge 7/19/20135.84 MBDownload
Appendix A2 Road-over-rail bridge detail 7/19/20131.82 MBDownload
Appendix A3 Tipplers locality alternatives 7/19/20134.20 MBDownload
Appendix A4 Tippler no-go map 7/19/20139.14 MBDownload
Appendix A5 Regional map 7/19/201316.69 MBDownload
Appendix B Photographs 7/19/20131.37 MBDownload
Appendix C1a Tippler key plan 7/19/20132.45 MBDownload
Appendix C1b Tippler key plan 7/19/20132.86 MBDownload
Appendix C2 - C9 Combined facility illustrations 7/19/20134.46 MBDownload
Appendix D1 Air Quality Specialist Report 7/19/20134.46 MBDownload
Appendix D2 Noise study 7/19/20134.60 MBDownload
Appendix E1 Newspaper Adverts and Site Notices 9/20/20132.39 MBDownload
Appendix E2 Proof key stakeholders and authorities were notified 7/19/20131.47 MBDownload
Appendix E3 Tippler Comments and response report 7/19/2013232.09 KBDownload
Appendix E3b Original comments from registration period 7/19/20131.69 MBDownload
Appendix E5 I&AP register 7/19/2013120.60 KBDownload
Appendix E7 Background Information Document 7/19/20134.35 MBDownload
Appendix F Impact assessment 7/19/2013297.56 KBDownload
Appendix G Tippler 3 draft Environmental Management Programme 7/19/20132.06 MBDownload
Appendix H1. Details and expertise of EAP 7/19/2013567.52 KBDownload
Appendix H2 EAP declaration of interest 7/19/2013153.01 KBDownload
Appendix I1 Airshed declaration independence 7/19/2013537.36 KBDownload
Appendix I2 Lucian Burger Airshed CV 7/19/2013166.47 KBDownload
Appendix I3 Airshed company profile 7/19/201352.65 KBDownload
Appendix J1 Property information 7/19/2013143.91 KBDownload
Appendix J2 Previous Atmospheric Emissions License 2010 7/19/20131.35 MBDownload
Appendix J3 Atmospheric Emissions License 2011 7/19/20131.95 MBDownload
 Tippler 3 Final Basic Assessment Report
Maps- Appendix A1: New road-over-rail bridge5.25 MBDownload
Maps- Appendix A2: Road-over-rail bridge detail1.75 MBDownload
Maps- Appendix A3: Tippler locality alternatives4.33 MBDownload
Maps- Appendix A4: Tippler no-go map7.57 MBDownload
Maps- Appendix A5: Tippler regional map1.70 MBDownload
Appendix B: Photographs1.37 MBDownload
Facility Illustrations- Appendix C1: Tippler Keyplan7.15 MBDownload
Facility Illustrations- Appendix C2 - C9: Combined facility illustrations4.46 MBDownload
Specialist Reports: Appendix D1: Air Quality Specialist Report 4.46 MBDownload
Specialist Reports: Appendix D2: TPT Bulk Terminal Noise4.60 MBDownload
PPP- Appendix E1: Newspaper Adverts and Site Notices4.42 MBDownload
PPP- Appendix E2: Proof of notification1.48 MBDownload
PPP- Appendix E3: Comments and Response Report3.59 MBDownload
PPP- Appendix E3a: Original authority comments2.16 MBDownload
PPP- Appendix E3b: Original I&AP comments7.34 MBDownload
PPP- Appendix E5: I&AP Register273.41 KBDownload
PPP- Appendix E6: Public Open House1.15 MBDownload
PPP- Appendix E7: Background Information Document4.35 MBDownload
Appendix F1 Detailed impact assessment 51.97 KBDownload
Appendix G1 - Enviromental managment plan1.42 MBDownload
Appendix G2: Construction Environmental Management Plan1.74 MBDownload
Appendix G3: Standard Environmental Specification1.21 MBDownload
Appendix H: Details and expertise of EAP and declaration interest579.88 KBDownload
Appendix I: Details of specialist727.74 KBDownload
Appendix J1: Property information143.30 KBDownload
Appendix J2: Application for authorisation DEA acceptance1.47 MBDownload
Appendix J3: Previous Atmospheric Emissions License 20101.35 MBDownload
Appendix J4: Atmospheric Emissions License 20111.95 MBDownload
Appendix J5a: Acknowledgment of reciept of AEL234.38 KBDownload
Appendix J5b: 2013 AEL amendment639.11 KBDownload
Appendix J6: Other proposed developments159.49 KBDownload
Appendix J7: WSP Saldanha Compliance Review2.53 MBDownload
Appendix J8: ERM Saldanha Dust Management Study and Plan2.63 MBDownload
Appendix J9: Minutes from Tippler 3 Road meeting25.01 KBDownload
Final assesment report1.74 MBDownload