J30137 - Draft Basic Assessment Report for the Proposed Development of 2 intersections on the National Route 2 and Rehabilitation of Access Roads at Qhora and Surrounding Villages, Eastern Cape. 


GIBB has been appointed by the South African National Road Agency (Pty) Ltd, herein referred to as SANRAL to conduct a Basic Assessment as part of the National Route 2 (N2) Rehabilitation Project in the Province of the Eastern Cape. The site for this specific component of the N2 Rehabilitation Project is located within the Qhora village (32°13'51.81" S and 28°12'55.91"E), the kuLeleyo village (32°14'40.09" S and 28°14'58.87" E) and the eMambabala village (32°13'6.63" S and 28°13'14.38" E) which lie approximately 15 km south of Idutywa, along the N2 in the Mnquma Local Municipality. The rehabilitation will entail:

·         Approximately 8.2 km of existing gravel access roads which traverse the Qhora, kuLeleyo and eMambabala, villages will be upgraded to 4 m wide tarred roads including side drains as required.

·         The closure of one (1) informal intersection which links from the Qhora village to the N2.

·         Upgrading of the N2 by developing a formalised and strategically located intersection that links the Qhora and eMambabala villages to the N2 and which do not pose a threat to oncoming traffic.

Figure 1: Locality of the proposed development.


This Draft Basic Assessment Report (BAR) and has been prepared in accordance with the EIA Regulations published in Government Notice No. R543. These regulations fall under Section 24(5) read with Section 44 of the National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998 as amended in 2010) (NEMA).


The NEMA Section 24(5) stipulates that “listed activities” require environmental authorization by way of a Basic Assessment or full Environmental Impact Assessment. 


Number and date of the relevant notice:

Activity No (s) (in terms of the relevant notice) :

Description of  listed activity as per project description:

Listing Notice 1

(GN R. 544,
18 June 2010)






The widening of a road by more than 6 metres, or the lengthening of a road by more than 1 kilometre –


Where the existing road is more than 13,5 meters

The existing road reserve along the N2 is more than 13, 5 m and will be widened by more than 6 m to include a turn off lane on either side.

Listing Notice 3

(GN R. 546,
18 June 2010)









The widening of a road by more than 4 metres, or the lengthening of a road by more than 1 kilometre:

In Eastern Cape province

Outside urban areas, in:

Critical biodiversity areas as identified in systematic biodiversity plans adopted by the competent authority or in bioregional plans

The existing road reserve will be widened by more than 6 m to include a turn off lane.

Furthermore the above falls within a 2 Aquatic CBA 2 and CBA 3 zone and a Terrestrial CBA2.


As part of the public participation, you are hereby invited to comment on the Draft Basic Assessment Report. Should you wish to express your views regarding this proposed development, please send us your written comments. The names of all registered I&APs, together with the comments received will be incorporated into the Final Basic Assessment Report and will be submitted to DEA.


Please submit your name, contact information (address, telephone number, e-mail address, postal address) and written comments to the contact person below.



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