Regional Road R61 Basic Assessment

Notification of Environmental Authorization: Upgrade of the Regional Route R61, Section 3, between Cradock and Tarkastad - DEA Reference: 14/12/16/3/3/1/691

Please be advised that the Department of Environmental Affairs have granted environmental authorization for the proposed Upgrade of the Regional Route R61, Section 3, between Cradock and Tarkastad on 18 June 2013.

If you intend to appeal the decision made please see the notification letter as well as the Environmental Authorization for details on how and when to appeal.

The notification letter and Environmental Authorization for the Upgrade of the Regional Route R61, Section 3, between Cradock and Tarkastad can be downloaded from the link below.




 Documents available for download
Environmental Authorization Notification to I&APs74.51 KBDownload
Environmental Authorization_ DEA Ref: 14/12/16/3/3/1/691640.35 KBDownload
00 dBAR R61 title page229.78 KBDownload
01 Draft BA R61 Cradock to Tarkastad730.40 KBDownload
A1 Regional Layout Image1.09 MBDownload
A2 Topo map high res19.02 MBDownload
A2. Topo map low res464.21 KBDownload
A3 Vegetation Layout Image2.85 MBDownload
A4 Ecological support area1.06 MBDownload
A5 Stream crossings Layout Image3.61 MBDownload
B1 Road site illustration photos1.08 MBDownload
B2 Borrow pit site illustration photos1.63 MBDownload
B3 Hard rock quarry site illustration photos643.62 KBDownload
C1 A Road alignment and utilities map1.16 MBDownload
C1 B Road alignment and utilities map859.84 KBDownload
C1 C Road alignment and utilities map870.50 KBDownload
C1 D Road alignment and utilities map882.57 KBDownload
C1 E Road alignment and utilities map719.14 KBDownload
C1 F Road alignment and utilities map721.45 KBDownload
C1 G Road alignment and utilities map1,013.31 KBDownload
C1 H Road alignment and utilities map827.16 KBDownload
C1 I Road alignment and utilities map991.69 KBDownload
C1 J Road alignment and utilities map763.85 KBDownload
C1 K Road alignment and utilities map826.56 KBDownload
C1 L Road alignment and utilities map1.13 MBDownload
C1 M Road alignment and utilities map914.73 KBDownload
C1 N Road alignment and utilities map992.75 KBDownload
C1 O Road alignment and utilities map722.36 KBDownload
C2 Typical cross-section layout819.43 KBDownload
C3 Road surface drainage layout56.70 KBDownload
C4 Widening of box culvert layout816.08 KBDownload
C5 Key Plan and drainage schedule819.43 KBDownload
C6 Road reserve finished layout677.19 KBDownload
C7 A Borrow pit 1 mining layout822.07 KBDownload
C7 B Borrow pit 2 mining layout725.04 KBDownload
C7 C Borrow pit 3 mining layout728.18 KBDownload
C7 D Borrow pit 4 mining layout687.43 KBDownload
C7 E Borrow pit 5 mining layout635.89 KBDownload
C8A Hard Rock Quarry Layout1.46 MBDownload
C8B Cross Sections Hard Rock Quarry319.83 KBDownload
C8C Hard Rock Quarry Decom Layout1.41 MBDownload
C8D Cross Sections Hard Rock Quarry Decom392.49 KBDownload
C9 Table of stream crossings20.41 KBDownload
D1a TOR Heritage Specialist Studies195.79 KBDownload
D1b TOR ecological specialist study R6150.05 KBDownload
D2 R61 Palaeontological report_J.Almond 3.94 MBDownload
D3 R61 upgrade Phase 1 HIA Report eThembeni1.28 MBDownload
D4 R61 Biodiversity conservation study_J_Pote4.95 MBDownload
E1 R61 BA issues and responses40.40 KBDownload
E3 Letter to Telkom on nearby services37.60 KBDownload
E4 List of I&APs80.75 KBDownload
E5 Minutes of meeting with land owners54.04 KBDownload
F1 Impact assessment131.02 KBDownload
G1 Draft Road Construction EMP R61573.13 KBDownload
G2 Draft Mining EMP R61523.71 KBDownload
H1 Details of EAP and expertise99.68 KBDownload
I1 specialist_declaration_interest_eThembeni R6164.53 KBDownload
I2 Specialist_declaration_interest_J Almond66.00 KBDownload
I3 J Pote specialist_declaration_interest R61 BAR83.80 KBDownload
J1 EIA APPLICATION FORM_R61 Cradock to Tarkastad434.54 KBDownload
J2 EAP declaration_interest155.46 KBDownload
J3 R61 BID382.27 KBDownload
J4 Site poster567.54 KBDownload
J5 A The Herald newspaper advert474.53 KBDownload
J5 B Die Burger newspaper advert3.45 MBDownload
J7 R61 Property Schedule Matrix22.30 KBDownload
J8 DEA acknowledgement of application and case no.272.95 KBDownload
J9 Proof of postage of BID to IAPs107.04 KBDownload
K1 R61 road works - shape files2.90 KBDownload
K2 R61 mines shp - shape files45.40 KBDownload
K3 R61 river crossings shp - shape files2.47 KBDownload