Environmental Impact Assessment for the Proposed Upgrade of the Sani Pass Road (P318): Phase 2


The Department of Transport (DOT) proposes to continue with the upgrading of the existing Sani Pass Road (P318), which transects the uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park World Heritage Site (UDP WHS) near Himeville, KwaZulu-Natal (KZN). The proposed Phase 2 upgrade entails a complete re-grading and resurfacing of the Sani Pass from a gravel to a hardened surface, all-weather road. The upgrade will include road widening, re-alignment of sections, new bridges, stormwater control and attenuation systems, bank and slope stabilisation and road servitude rehabilitation.


In order to undertake the proposed upgrade, the KZNDOT is required to conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process in terms of the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA), 1998 (Act 107 of 1998). Arcus GIBB (Pty) Ltd was appointed as the independent Environmental Assessment Practitioner (EAP) to conduct the EIA for the Upgrading of the Sani Pass Road (DEA Ref. No.: 12/12/20/1184).


This environmental authorisation process commenced with an Environmental Scoping Phase in January 2008. Following approval of the Final Scoping Report (FSR) and associated Plan of Study for the Impact Assessment Phase by the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) on 01 July 2009, the Impact Assessment Phase was undertaken. This document constitutes the Draft Environmental Impact Assessment Report (Draft EIAR), which documents the Impact Assessment process followed, the analysis undertaken and results reached. The Draft EIAR is now available for public review and comment prior to submission of the Final EIAR to the DEA for review and a decision.


Interested and Affected Parties are invited to review the Draft EIAR files below and return comments to GIBB. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hard copies of the Draft EIAR are also available for public review at each of the following venues:


·                     Underberg Library

·                     Kwa Sani Municipal Offices

·                     Southern Drakensberg Tourist and Accommodation Centre

·                    Arcus GIBB office (Durban)


Please note that the Draft EIAR comprises three (3) Volumes namely; the main Report in Volume 1, Appendices A – D in Volume 2 and Appendices E – G in Volume 3.


The 40 day comment period begins on 17 October 2011 and will close on 25 November 2011.


Comments submitted must include the I&APs name, contact details and an indication of any direct business, financial, personal or other interest which they have in the application.  Please submit comments by post, fax or email to:


Sani Pass Public Involvement

c/o Ms Gisela Fechter                Tel:  (031) 267 8500

Arcus GIBB (Pty) Ltd                 Fax:  (031) 266 3310

PO Box 1365                            Email:

Westville 3630

 Documents available for download
Sani Phase 2 - Draft EIAR - Exec Summary511.55 KBDownload
Sani Phase 2 - Draft EIAR1.82 MBDownload
Appendix A - GIBB Project Team CVs367.91 KBDownload
Appendix B - Specialist CVs390.29 KBDownload
Appendix C - Declarations of Independence2.96 MBDownload
Appendix D1 - I&AP Database62.38 KBDownload
Appendix D2 - Media notices833.18 KBDownload
Appendix D2 - Notice25.46 KBDownload
Appendix D3 - Background Information Document771.89 KBDownload
Appendix D3 - Background Information Document_Sotho658.72 KBDownload
Appendix D3 - Background Information Document_Zulu313.32 KBDownload
Appendix D4 - Project Meeting 1-EKZNW158.06 KBDownload
Appendix D4 - Project Meeting 2-DEAT 149.58 KBDownload
Appendix D4 - Project Meeting 3-WESSA136.38 KBDownload
Appendix D4 - Project Meeting 4-Authorities121.13 KBDownload
Appendix D4 - Project Meeting 6-KwaPitela Community 121.11 KBDownload
Appendix D4 - Project Meeting 5-Tour & Taxi Operators 128.56 KBDownload
Appendix D5 - FSR and Post Issues and Concerns Report471.08 KBDownload
Appendix D6 - Authority Comments124.37 KBDownload
Appendix D7 - IAP Comments Received Post-DSR232.71 KBDownload
Appendix D7 - IAP Comments Received Post-FSR119.38 KBDownload
Appendix D7 - IAP Comments Received Pre-DSR1.98 MBDownload
Appendix E1 - Vegetation Impact Assessment1.32 MBDownload
Appendix E2 - Aquatic Biodiversity Impact Assessment2.63 MBDownload
Appendix E3-1 - Avifaunal Impact & Mitigation2.45 MBDownload
Appendix E3-2 - Avifauna Review of Sani Pass63.37 KBDownload
Appendix E4 - Social Impact Assessment932.52 KBDownload
Appendix E5 - Local Scale Economic Assessment785.44 KBDownload
Appendix E6 - Broad Scale Economic Assessment693.19 KBDownload
Appendix E7 - Visual Impact Assessment2.54 MBDownload
Appendix E8 - Heritage Impact Assessment925.18 KBDownload
Appendix F - Draft EMP956.46 KBDownload
Appendix G - Document Control Sheet31.62 KBDownload
Figure1 - 1in50000391.92 KBDownload
Figure2 - EIA Process39.98 KBDownload
Figure3 - Road Cross Section82.02 KBDownload
Figure4 - Concept River Crossing81.78 KBDownload
Figure5 - Botanical Species Map588.91 KBDownload
Figure6 - Water Abstraction Points142.02 KBDownload
Figure7 - Map of Localities with Mitigation Relevance552.63 KBDownload
Layout 1 sht 1-22.05 MBDownload
Layout 2 sht 3-42.44 MBDownload
Layout 3 sht 5-62.18 MBDownload
Layout 4 sht 7-84.30 MBDownload
Layout 5 sht 9-103.16 MBDownload
Layout 6 sht 11-123.95 MBDownload
Layout 7 sht 13-145.70 MBDownload
Layout 8 sht 15-165.71 MBDownload
Plates 01 - 08372.60 KBDownload
Plates 09 - 16376.88 KBDownload
Plates 17- 27719.33 KBDownload