Somerset Road Public Information Project


Non Motorised Transport (NMT) Upgrades to Somerset Road and Main Road, Green Point:


This project will provide a pedestrian and bicycle passage along the northern side (sea side) of Somerset Road from Alfred Street to Three Anchor Bay Road and on the eastern side (library side) of Three Anchor Bay Road from Somerset Road to Beach Road. It will also include the resurfacing of the sidewalk replacing asphalt premix with brick paving on the southern side (mountain side) of Somerset Road from Buitengragt to York Road. The remainder area between Somerset Road and Western Boulevard from Gallow’s Hill to just before the Green Point circle and from Varney’s Road to the play ground will be resurfaced to serve as a formalised parking area.


The southern sidewalk (Protea Hotel side) of Ebenezer Road will be widened and resurfaced with block paving. This will require a shift in the roadway of Ebenezer Road to the north (Gallow’s Hill side). The northern side (Gallow’s Hill side) sidewalk will consist of a block paved pedestrian passage. Bicycle lanes will be provided in both directions linking Somerset Road NMT with the Waterfront.